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ITC is a technology development firm, specializing in the design, development and commercialization of Free-Piston Stirling (FPS) coolers and cryocoolers for a wide range of application temperatures, and in selected FPS engine development programs. Formed in 2009 as the wholly owned R&D subsidiary of Stirling engine and related technology developer, Infinia Corporation, ITC was spun out in 2011 as an independently owned and controlled entity. It is currently a close affiliate of Qnergy in Ogden, UT, successor to Infinia.

Early in its tenure, ITC transitioned a very successful Small Business Innovation Research program into a transformational "pre-commercial" product that is now being acquired in volume by the U.S. Navy. This high efficiency, very low-temperature cryocooler for Navy High Temperature Superconductivity (HTS), and related national security applications, has demonstrated world record performance levels.

ITC has recently become the first small business to be awarded three prestigious ARPA-E contracts. The first of these, a revolutionary Freon-free refrigeration system for supermarket food freezers, is currently undergoing prototype evaluation by a leading supplier of those freezers. The second is a 5-ton air conditioner for extreme environments, and is being sponsored by the U.S. Navy. A recently announced ITC ARPA-E GENSETS contract will develop a very high efficiency FPS engine for a natural gas fueled combined heat and power generator for residential applications.

Leveraging 2+ decades of Stirling cycle technology development and over $300 million capital invested in our former parent company, ITC's team is dedicated to duplicating our early successes for many other market applications, thus continuing our mission: "To make the world cooler, one market at a time."