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In the Distributed Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Industry, solutions exist for very large (150,000+ GPD), large (10,000-100,000 GPD), and small-scale (10-50 GPD) LNG plants. However, there is a gap in the cryogenic scale for LNG distribution applications where no other cryogenic technology has ben able to economically and efficiently scale to medium (50-5,000 GPD) LNG plants...until now.

ITC's Stirling Solution for the distribution and storing of LNG is scalable to meet the Distributed Gas Industry's unmet need. Not only will this enable the distribution and storage of LNG at an unmatched scale, but will also prevent up to 10% of LNG from being lost (i.e. vented or "boiled off") during the process of distribution and storage. Thus, ITC's Stirling Solution will add value to the industry by increasing stakeholder's market portfolio as well as preventing valuable resources from being lost during storage.

Technology Capacity Ranges @ 77K

Technology Capacity Ranges