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Gas Plant at Sunset

In the Industrial Gas Industry, solutions exist for very large (100,000+ GPD), large (1,000-100,000 GPD), and small-scale (1-10 GPD) gas liquefaction technologies. However, there is a gap in the cryogenic scale for industrial gas liquefaction applications, where no other cryogenic technology has been able to economically and efficiently scale to medium (10-1,000 GPD) gas liquefaction capacities...until now.

ITC's Stirling Solution for industrial gas production is scalable to meet the Industrial Gas Industry's unmet need. Our cryocoolers are perfectly suited to fill the gap in the cryogenic scale and enable the production of Liquefied Nitrogen (LIN) and Liquefied Oxygen (LOx) at an unmatched scale!

Technology Capacity Ranges @ 77K

Technology Capacity Ranges