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Floating Element

The High Temperature Superconducting (HTS) Industry has long been limited by its inefficient and expensive cryogenic technology. In 2001, DOE created a Cryogenic Roadmap to determine what breakthroughs were needed to facilitate future success for HTS applications. From this roadmap, it was determined that cryogenic technologies needed to meet the following goals:

Efficiency: >30% Carnot   •   Capital Cost: <$25/Watt of Cooling   •   Reliability: >99.8% Available Operating Time

Now, over a decade later and millions of dollars spent, no other technology has met all of these DOE goals...until now.

ITC's Free Piston Stirling Engine (FPSE) cryogenic technology has demonstrated greater efficiencies, lower costs, and a proven reliability exceeding all of the 2001 DOE Roadmap goals.

ITC Outperforms The Rest

ITC's success in exceeding these Cryogenic goals has allowed us to launch our first commercial Stirling Solution product for specialty HTS applications.